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Pilotproject Rent-a-bike - from March until October 2023!

E-bikes as a rental concept with subsequent option to buy

Are you interested in a company-supported rental e-bike for the coming cycling season?

The company RENT-A-BIKE is a local provider (Alpbachtal) and a specialist in all aspects of cycling, especially e-bikes. In the course of a pilot project starting in March 2023, our employees have the opportunity to rent e-bikes for the duration of the pilot project, thus making cost-effective and convenient use possible. Above all, they can test a bike of their choice for a few months, with monthly support from the company, with the subsequent option of purchasing the selected bike for themselves. The special feature here is that part of the rental expenses already incurred can be credited towards the purchase option. For more detailed information, please contact our partner "rent a bike" directly.

How can I participate in the rental of an e-bike?

The rental contract for an e-bike is concluded directly between the employee and RENT-A-BIKE. The first step is therefore to contact RENT-A-BIKE. To do this, please contact them by telephone (+43 50 7373) or visit them directly in the shop (Kirchfeld 1, 6235 Reith im Alpbachtal). With the help of their products and individual advice, you can choose the right e-bike for your personal needs. As mentioned, rental-purchase options are also possible. Upon final approval, a rental contract is concluded for 8 months, which expires automatically. A photo ID or proof of identity, bank account, place of residence and the company's internal personnel number are required. Delivery to your home is also possible (free delivery within a radius of 50 km). In order to participate in the 8-month pilot project over the summer, a contract with RENT-A-BIKE must be concluded by the beginning of March.

How is the rental fee paid and what is included?

The rental fee for the e-bike varies depending on the bike category and condition (new/used) and is paid monthly directly to RENT-A-BIKE by direct debit. Further costs are a compulsory theft insurance between € 5 - € 26 per month and a one-off handling fee between € 38 and € 99. Additional services and insurances can be booked after individual consultation. Due to the pilot project for our employees, a deposit for the provision of an e-bike is not required as usual, i.e. there are no costs for the employee when participating in the company project.

How do I receive the 50€ subsidy in the course of the company initiative (EfL)?

For the 8-month pilot project to promote the use of e-bikes, employees will receive 50€ (gross) per month. The subsidy of 50€ gross will be received directly with the salary each month and must be taxed in the course of this (differences depending on tax class). After the pilot project of 8 months, the subsidy will automatically be terminated and the extension of the mobility concept will be evaluated.

Can I withdraw from the contract early?

The rental contract is concluded between the employee and RENT-A-BIKE and does not run through the Novartis/Sandoz company. It is not possible to withdraw from the contract early, nor after termination of employment with Novartis/Sandoz. Whereas the company initiative for the 50€ subsidy only applies to employees and must be terminated upon leaving the company. Exceptional arrangements such as in the event of an accident/serious illness will be made on a situational basis.

Example 1:

R Raymon TrailRay E 9.0
model year 21/22

UVP: € 4.699.-
Rent a Bike price used: € 3.500.-

monthly rate | In total€ 149,00 | € 1192,00
handling fee€ 83,44
premium (mandatory)€ 11,76
Premium protection +€ 11,76
ISP protection +€ 4,80
Final payment€ 2.546,40



Example 2:

Pinarello Nytro Dust 3.0 

UVP: € 6.540.-

monthly rate | In total € 319,00 | € 2.552,00
handling fee€ 178,64
premium (mandatory)€ 21,97
Premium protection +€ 21,97
ISP protection +€ 4,80
Final payment€ 4.498,40


Example 3:

HardRay E-6.0

Rent a Bike VK: € 2.899.-

monthly rate | In total € 129,00 | € 1032,00
handling fee    € 72,24
premium (mandatory)€ 9,76
Premium protection +    € 9,76
ISP protection + € 4,80
Final payment  € 2.073,40


Are you still not sure what the right bike is for you or do you have questions about renting or financing?

Just give us a call or come directly to our bike store in Reith i. Alpbachtal / Kirchfeld 1

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